Symbol... now the Irish Symbol

$20.00 - $23.00
Symbol... now the Irish Symbol

If you're from Rockford then you must know about the "symbol" but did you know that if you are paying attention the Symbol turns green for Saint Patrick's Day?

We were lucky enough to not only find a leprechaun sitting by it but to snap a picture of it and put it on a T-shirt as the official "Irish Symbol" for this St Patty's Day uses!

Wear this proudly as you find yourself explaining it to everyone... "Look it's our symbol for Rockford... No, I don't know why we have it... It's normally orange... but this guy made it green and wrote the word Irish on there so I can tell you it's funny because it says Irish symbol... which is obviously not true... kind of stupid... yet makes me chuckle whenever ever I see it..."

And don't you want t laugh more often in life?

This T-shirt is printed on a super comfy, lightweight T-Shirt that will not shrink or fall apart after multiple times of washing. This is your essential "Collector's Tee" in case you ever want to wear it more often than St Patty's time...